Monday, March 7, 2011

Love in the time of Social Network.

Gone are the days when Dating proposals were sent through 2-3 pages long letters. The guys use to follow the girls at almost every place she was suppose to visit, then he use to finally took up the courage to go up to her and tell her what he feels about him. The girls were always shy and always use to reject the proposals in the beginning even if she like the guy more than anyone else, because easy acceptance was treated as not that valuable (Kinda Funny). The guys never give up and still keep on pursuing her even upto the level of imposing and stalking her everywhere. Then finally she said yes and hence the love story begins....They meet once in 1 month, get married after 5-6 years and finally settle down to have a loyal, very committed married life wherein they treat each other as their better half.
Things are too different these days, for the last 10-20 years, kids are exposed to so much violence, vulgar activities, MTV, Channel V, Video games, almost nude female models that its side-affects are easily visible in today's youth. Love is a word that brings humorous smile to some of the youths, for others love is just a means to bring an end to their sexual urge!! The changing mentality is again highly supported by the introduction of social networks like facebook, orkut, twitter, blah, blah. Finding love is in fact a matter of opening one social network account and adding few hot girls/guys. In each of these accounts, the users are given full freedom to upload any pictures that he/ she want to that can help her/him attract as many opposite sex as they want, apart from that they are also given full privacy to not only enable them for textual chat but also Video chat/ voice chat...God Knows what might be happening. In the whole process we tend to forget what is the real meaning of love and polygamy is getting widely accepted by our society.
Now, the most heartbreaking thing is not only single gals and boys but also married individuals are an equal part of such crime (For me it is a crime). Married man have extra marital affairs as it is much easier for them to find someone through internet and they can easily lie about their married status too. The readers might think I am some kind of Orthodox, old-fashioned person but the fact is the person whom you love might be doing the same, even if he/she dont...dont tell me you dont suspect it!! The changing trends has brought a wind of unstable relationshipsssss whose after effect can be disastrous than any other man made explosives!!