Friday, July 19, 2013

Age doesn't matter.

This blog is in continuation with my tweet of July 13th where I wrote, “I hve frens hu r more than 25 yrs older than me n d best part is I jst love their company. They r funnier, understanding, smarter than the rest”. So, my fren Ravi Arora asked is there any anecdotes and I said, Well yes! But twitter word limit is too small so I will write it in my blog and here they are ;)
1.       My fren P who joined his service in 1979 (I was in heaven dancing with zeus and poseidon tht year) told me a better version of a story which I studied in moral science. I am sure all of us r familiar with the story of this guy with an axe who was cutting woods on a river bank and his axe fell in the river. A goddess emerge and offered him 2 axes, a gold nd a silver but he refused both and when the goddess finally offered him his rusty old one he said tht’s mine. The goddess touched by his honesty gave him all the three. But his neighbour who was a greedy and a liar tried, he failed coz he tried to take the gold and the silver one too. Now here comes his version, hearing the story of this honest guy another not so honest one took his ugly wife to the river bank and literally throw her into the water. The goddess emerge with Aishwariya Rai. The guy was astounded and said yes! yes!, she is mine. The goddess furious by his lie told him he will be punished for wht he did and his wife will not be returned back anymore. The guy turned to leave but the goddess asked him why he lied. The man was quite smart and replied. Dear goddess, I knew if I say no to the first 2 and said yes to my wife you will give me all three and I am too old to handle and look after 3 wives tht’s why I said yes. The goddess felt bad and asked him to choose only one and he chose the prettiest. Moral of the story: Smartness can fool even gods. So, be a Smart liar. :P
2.       I went for a school inspection with my fren P where all the teachers r of the age of my mom. The teachers were too proud to accept me as an inspecting officer. So before the inspection starts, he started narrating them stories about how powerful I am and how my one word could transfer them to unthinkable places. Well! He was definitely exaggerating but it broke the ice and the teachers became more cooperative. If I went alone, I might have returned without any report and with a sulking face. But he saves the day.
3.       P’s analytical and mathematical skill is amazing and working with him is all fun, informative, a whole new experience and he is very very supportive. He knows the gravity of relationships, he is trustworthy and he is an amazing friend.
The above lines are just a small part of the experiences I have had with ppl older than me and there still are many amazing stories which either I have forgotten or too lazy to type in this post :D So if there are  ppl out there who think Old ppl are obsolete and boring just try interact with few of them. You’ll love it.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Season of Love

Once again, my mind is being haunted by your memories. 

Solidarity brings you back, all alive, like I can touch you and feel your touch.

Now is the season of love and with you so far away, it is a curse.

Without you by my side,
I am like an empty vessel, a rose without scent and a body without a soul.

Wandering this never ending road, I can no longer feel the pain of this bleeding sole.

Searching for you in this crowd, my eyes resist blinking for the fear of missing one glance.

Come & Take my hand,
I’ll teach you how to love, like crazy, like there is nothing else than the one you love.

Come & Take my hand,
Let us spread love; Love!! Which is now a stranger to this world.