Saturday, November 10, 2012

Immortal Love

Beauty is your innocence.

Strength is your honesty.

Even as a memory, you still make me smile.

You will always be remembered,

You will always be loved.

There is no one like you and there will never be.

Fate makes you the past and

Heart makes you the immortal.

To experience your love is a blessing as well as a curse.

With you, I have lived enough and I have been loved enough.

There is nothing more to wait and nothing more to expect.

Now, I gladly stand in this threshold of life and death,

Waiting for the next life, waiting for you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Love & Hate

With you I was the Princess.
With you I was so loved.
Now, I am a nobody.
Now, I am not special.
You spoil me, and
He cursed me.
You gave me your heart, and
He gave me days of tears.
Don’t come back, coz
It’s too late.
I am drowning in this ocean of hate, but
Your memories help me endure the pain.
Wanted a chance to reconcile, but
Maybe in Next Life………

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The setting sun was trying to persuade him what he don’t want to acknowledge.
People rushing back home were prove that the day was coming to an end.
But, his ground was firm, and his believe were strong.
Being a man of great patience and perseverance, He still wants to wait.
She promised’, that’s what he all care about.
And of all the things in this world, her words were the only ones which he trusts.
He was waiting for this day; he wanted to feel her Love once again.
Just Give Me A Sign”, he murmured looking at the sky.
He knew, she was listening and craving to be with him.
I promise I’ll be a changed Man, Just tell me You still Love Me”, he whispered.
People passing by were staring at this strange man standing in the middle of the Highway.
Since the day she was gone, he was drowned in alcohol. Every meal that he took was not more than a morsel.
Sometimes, he will hear her voice telling him to stop. But, he wanted to show her what she did to him.
 “On your Birthday, before the day end, I’ll show you, how much I love you”. She said, with those teasing smile before climbing to the bus.
The sun was no more in sight; he sighed and realized, she is not coming back.
All hope lost, he once again looked towards north at the never ending Highway.
On a similar day like this, those blind curves like a large Serpent swallowed her up on that tragic accident.
 As he took his first step, a Raindrop fall on his head, surprised he looked up just to see a beautiful white dove flying towards him.
The dove fell few metres away from him, he ran with all his might and picked up the poor soul.
The bird was injured but it sprang up on his touch. He kissed the bird, wrapped it in his scarf and ran towards home, laughing like a madman shouting at every soul he met on the way,
 “She came back for me”.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


As a child I was not much of the cheerful kind. When I was not in school or tuition you would find me in my room near the window table. The windows wide opened, I will be there staring into the sky or the hills, making up stories, one after another.  She knew I was different but she never told me so.  I hardly study and I hardly ask for toys but she was always there by my side waiting for me to be ready so that she can teach me how to fly. I don’t know how long she has waited but at a point of time she was frustrated and I knew she was angry coz she was never the same like before. I wanted to see her happy so I stepped out from my room one fine day only to return defeated and bullied by the other kids. After some years I began to socialize but in my own way and I could see she was hurt for a reason I never tried to find out. As I grew up I realized we were so different and sometimes I wondered how could we share the same blood. I cried, I cursed, I argue without knowing why I was so rebellious, maybe that was a part of growing up. One day I left her for a place so far away and when I looked out from the Car window, I saw her eyes full of tears standing by the gate, I knew she was trying to say ‘I love you’ and I felt bile rising up my stomach and finally tears rolling out from my eyes. I reached the city full of strangers; lived in a house full of girls and shared a room with one girl. At night when the light was off, the only word that came out from my mouth was ‘mama’. I had nightmares and when I woke up from each nightmare I missed her more and more. I fell sick, I was robbed and with each tragedy I experienced, her memories became stronger than ever. She always had a solution for everything and foolishly I took it for granted when she was there with me all the time.
One day I realized what I had to do, I just had to be like the way she want me to be so that I could feel her with every steps I make. Since that day, every decision I made was after considering what she will say, what she will think. And believe me, it worked. I scored good marks, I found my best friend and many other new friends. I called her every evening and took suggestions from her.  Now, I am back and once again she is by my side but this time I have open my arms before she could think how I feel and I will never let her go.
‘Mama, I am sorry for giving you such a hard time in the past, without your support it’s impossible to become what I am. I love you more than anything or anyone else and please be my Mama for the many more rebirths I will take’

Saturday, May 26, 2012

How a woman loved

Her eyes smudge with the kajals, Her cheeks wet with the flowing tears. She was looking out of the window, staring into the blank space. Beside her was the Bed, unmade and evidence of last night’s story. The wind hit her face with a fierce blow lifting her long trails from her shoulder. She was draped in a loose cotton cloth too meagre for the cold weather. But nothing was capable of capturing her attention at that instant.
His words kept on lingering in her Mind. “Jenny, this is the last time”. Jenny smiled and kissed her unaware of the coming avalanche. She replied, “what are you saying darling”. He hold her hands and looking straight into her eyes uttered the words which breaks her brittle heart into a million pieces. “I am leaving tomoro and I may never come back”. She was surprised but still with the little hope she had in her mind she replied. “ok baby, but I will come to you even if you don’t cme here”. He shook his head, his eyes looking for something to support. “There are things I haven’t told you dear, things I have hidden from you. But now, I don’t want to keep you in the dark for long, already most of the people in the town have come to know about us and sooner or later this will create problem for both of us”. Jenny knew people were talking about them but she never cared and so she thought him too. She will fight the whole world for him. But why was he acting so differently today. She looked at him with eyes full of doubts. For the first time in the last 2 years he was unable to look back at her. He stood up, reached for his back pocket, took out his purse, opened it and showed it to her. Reluctantly she took the wallet. She turned ice cold the moment she looked at it. There was her love with a broad smile, his arms embracing a pretty woman and a beautiful young boy. She understood but she didn’t say a word. Vikram gave her few minutes and replied- “She is my wife, we had some misunderstanding and we filed for divorce. My son Rohan was in her custody. Now Rohan has leukemia and he need both of us. We have to get back for his sake, I never told you about her because we weren’t together for the last 5 years, it was almost over… I have loved you jenny and I still do but I cannot stay with you. I cannot punish my innocent son for something he hasn’t done”. Jenny could feel the pain caused by the contraction of her heart. His every words shattering the world she has created in her mind. Vikram was the only one she loved in her life and she was proud to be called his only love. Tears streamed down her face as she absorbed his words. Vikram wanted to hold her, let her cry in his arms but she retrieved back seeing his approach. Vikram continue, “I am sorry for not telling you about my marriage status but you know deep inside your heart that what I am doing is right. I am leaving tomorrow”. Saying this he stormed out of the room.
Jenny didn’t sleep the whole night. She was staring into the blank space, standing in the same spot for the last so many hours. Throughout the whole night she was remembering and recollecting every moment she spent with him. Dawn breaks and she knew exactly what to do.
Vikram, sad but anxious to see his beloved son packed his bag, leave his motel and took a taxi. The already crowded market place was more crowded that day, he was already late for his bus. After waiting for few minutes, he came out of the taxi and thought the better option was to walk to the bus stop. He was shocked to see this many people on a Monday morning. ‘Some puja’, he thought. As he gets nearer to the building where Jenny was staying, he could see a mob of people gathered around something. He ignored and walked quickly to avoid accidental meeting with jenny.
He left the town, unaware of her sufferings, her feelings so deep for him that she couldn’t bear it anymore and had to jump from her window to finally get rid of them.

“I will Love you forever until death do us apart”

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Songs we sung,
The Places we visited
The Books we read, they all...
Attract your memories like a magnet Darling..
Defeated in the battle of life, tried to be strong,
but I am weak to the bone Darling..
Happiness left me the day I left you.
You are never coming back,
so are those moments Darling..
I am still waiting but behind this wall of life and death.
I happily embrace death,
to be in your arms again Darling

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Night to Remember

It was a boring day. I was all alone in my room. My roommates had gone to see their frens and relatives. They weren’t coming back for the night and I was all prepared to spend the night all alone with a cup-o-noodles and some movies. At around 5 p.m. my phone rang, it was Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is one of my very good friends. She knew I was alone and asked me to come at their place for dinner. After a sumptuous dinner, we went to Gurgaon with her BF to some unknown shopping mall. In the top floor there was a pub with the name “Sapphire”, it was a pleasant pub, spacious, nice ambiance with a vibrant dance floor and good drinks. We had few drinks, after that Eli and I went to the dance floor. We were just laughing and inventing some funny dance moves when I saw her. She was dancing with a girl. Her dance moves were graceful, seductive and amazingly wild. I stopped dancing and stepped back admiring her dance moves. She was an incredible dancer. Almost all the people gathered in that pub was looking at her. She was wearing a jeans and a jacket, plain and simple as compared to the other girls in the pub who came with all those revealing clothes. I looked at her face; she was very fair, applied no makeup and had dreamy eyes. Once or twice she glanced at me; she knew I was looking at her.

After sometime I accompanied Eli to the washroom as she was feeling sick coz of the drinks. She was very drunk and I was holding her hands while she was trying to puke. Suddenly the washroom door opened and that girl from the dance floor entered. She washed her hand and gave a quick look at us. She knew we were having problems and told me to put Eli’s head under the tap. Then, she came towards us and helped loosen Eli’s shirt and put some water around her neck. I thought, ‘what a girl, great dancer, simple, smart and caring’. She asked me my name and told me hers is Nina and she is from Mizoram. We talked for almost half an hour about various things. After sometime the washroom door opened and that other girl with whom she was dancing entered. She said, ‘ Nina, I was looking for you, thank god u are here’. She said Hi to me and went to one of the lavatory. Nina smiled and turned back to resume our talk when that girl called her from the lavatory. She said, ’Nina, Can you come here once’. Nina asked for my excuse and went inside the lavatory then she locked the door from inside.

I stood there for few minutes when I suddenly realized what a fool I was. Everything was making sense now. She was a Lesbian. I dragged Eli out of the washroom at that instant.

Eli’s bf was waiting for us at the entrance and we were just about to leave when I heard someone calling my name. I turned back and was petrified when Nina hugged me tightly. She asked for my no. I told her I don’t remember mine and instead to give me hers. She wrote it down in a piece of paper and told me to give her a call for sure. I promised and left the room.

Eli’s bf asked me if I knew her, I told him we just met then he smiled and said, ‘she is very famous’. I knew what he meant. I was shocked and traumatized.

It was late when I reached my room. I changed, washed my face and went to bed. Then I searched my bag took out that piece of paper, stared at it for few mins, it was an Idea no. Then I tore it and smiled for the first time in that last 4 hours.