Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Night to Remember

It was a boring day. I was all alone in my room. My roommates had gone to see their frens and relatives. They weren’t coming back for the night and I was all prepared to spend the night all alone with a cup-o-noodles and some movies. At around 5 p.m. my phone rang, it was Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is one of my very good friends. She knew I was alone and asked me to come at their place for dinner. After a sumptuous dinner, we went to Gurgaon with her BF to some unknown shopping mall. In the top floor there was a pub with the name “Sapphire”, it was a pleasant pub, spacious, nice ambiance with a vibrant dance floor and good drinks. We had few drinks, after that Eli and I went to the dance floor. We were just laughing and inventing some funny dance moves when I saw her. She was dancing with a girl. Her dance moves were graceful, seductive and amazingly wild. I stopped dancing and stepped back admiring her dance moves. She was an incredible dancer. Almost all the people gathered in that pub was looking at her. She was wearing a jeans and a jacket, plain and simple as compared to the other girls in the pub who came with all those revealing clothes. I looked at her face; she was very fair, applied no makeup and had dreamy eyes. Once or twice she glanced at me; she knew I was looking at her.

After sometime I accompanied Eli to the washroom as she was feeling sick coz of the drinks. She was very drunk and I was holding her hands while she was trying to puke. Suddenly the washroom door opened and that girl from the dance floor entered. She washed her hand and gave a quick look at us. She knew we were having problems and told me to put Eli’s head under the tap. Then, she came towards us and helped loosen Eli’s shirt and put some water around her neck. I thought, ‘what a girl, great dancer, simple, smart and caring’. She asked me my name and told me hers is Nina and she is from Mizoram. We talked for almost half an hour about various things. After sometime the washroom door opened and that other girl with whom she was dancing entered. She said, ‘ Nina, I was looking for you, thank god u are here’. She said Hi to me and went to one of the lavatory. Nina smiled and turned back to resume our talk when that girl called her from the lavatory. She said, ’Nina, Can you come here once’. Nina asked for my excuse and went inside the lavatory then she locked the door from inside.

I stood there for few minutes when I suddenly realized what a fool I was. Everything was making sense now. She was a Lesbian. I dragged Eli out of the washroom at that instant.

Eli’s bf was waiting for us at the entrance and we were just about to leave when I heard someone calling my name. I turned back and was petrified when Nina hugged me tightly. She asked for my no. I told her I don’t remember mine and instead to give me hers. She wrote it down in a piece of paper and told me to give her a call for sure. I promised and left the room.

Eli’s bf asked me if I knew her, I told him we just met then he smiled and said, ‘she is very famous’. I knew what he meant. I was shocked and traumatized.

It was late when I reached my room. I changed, washed my face and went to bed. Then I searched my bag took out that piece of paper, stared at it for few mins, it was an Idea no. Then I tore it and smiled for the first time in that last 4 hours.


  1. haha..eina haiba chumdore eche's legalized don't worry sist..nupi koithatlu :P

  2. way..I am straight nanao...:)

  3. hey! this was quite an interesting post. lolz.. Nina must be waiting for your call still now :P

  4. Lol...thanks for your comment gracy...when i remember nina..I regret that I am not a lesbian. she was gorgeous..:-)