Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Night

It was so dark; I could only see his shining eyes.

It was so quiet; I could only hear my heartbeat.

There we stood in that dark room, staring at each other for like forever,

Waiting for the first move, which both of us are reluctant to make.

The clock was ticking and a minute seems like a year.

Far away in the distance a dog was barking and how I wish I had a pet dog.

His eyes hardly blink and he was still like a stone.

Then, in a flick of a moment, I saw his hand rushed in his pocket.

He took out something shiny, shinier than his eyes

I lost all hope when I saw that shining blade.

He approached like a gladiator coming for his kill.

I pray and uttered my last word when his blade strike at my heart.

‘Forgive me for my sin’

But something was wrong, I can still feel, but I cannot feel the pain,

Like I have been given something to sedate.

Then, the alarm clock rang and I sprang up from the worst nightmare I ever had.

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