Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The setting sun was trying to persuade him what he don’t want to acknowledge.
People rushing back home were prove that the day was coming to an end.
But, his ground was firm, and his believe were strong.
Being a man of great patience and perseverance, He still wants to wait.
She promised’, that’s what he all care about.
And of all the things in this world, her words were the only ones which he trusts.
He was waiting for this day; he wanted to feel her Love once again.
Just Give Me A Sign”, he murmured looking at the sky.
He knew, she was listening and craving to be with him.
I promise I’ll be a changed Man, Just tell me You still Love Me”, he whispered.
People passing by were staring at this strange man standing in the middle of the Highway.
Since the day she was gone, he was drowned in alcohol. Every meal that he took was not more than a morsel.
Sometimes, he will hear her voice telling him to stop. But, he wanted to show her what she did to him.
 “On your Birthday, before the day end, I’ll show you, how much I love you”. She said, with those teasing smile before climbing to the bus.
The sun was no more in sight; he sighed and realized, she is not coming back.
All hope lost, he once again looked towards north at the never ending Highway.
On a similar day like this, those blind curves like a large Serpent swallowed her up on that tragic accident.
 As he took his first step, a Raindrop fall on his head, surprised he looked up just to see a beautiful white dove flying towards him.
The dove fell few metres away from him, he ran with all his might and picked up the poor soul.
The bird was injured but it sprang up on his touch. He kissed the bird, wrapped it in his scarf and ran towards home, laughing like a madman shouting at every soul he met on the way,
 “She came back for me”.