Thursday, August 25, 2011


Someone called me narcissistic, someone called me whimsical, someone called me Sweet. According to my parents I am quite, introvert, ignorant and gentle. According to my best friend I am a free bird, independent, creative and someone who don’t give a shit about what people think. According to my colleagues I am hardworking, efficient and seductive…(hahaha). According to my ex- bf I am selfish who never care about other people’s happiness (coz I left him). Wow!! What a diversity of opinion about one particular subject. Regarding narcissistic- I love taking my own pictures, love taking care of my health, my looks and who doesn’t. I don’t think that make someone narcissistic so I am discarding this particular word from my description. Next whimsical- whenever I watched a good movie I am so motivated by it that I feel like doing the same thing the actor did or when I read any good article about an interesting topic I started getting obsessed with the same thing for quite some time. Apart from that I love doing so many things like singing, dancing, painting, reading, photography, writing, jogging, gymming, walking, etc etc…I think the better word that suit me is Jack of all trade rather than whimsical..:). My parents think I am vulnerable and I think they are just protective, when will parents realize that their kids are able to decide what is right and what is wrong. My best friend stayed with me in Delhi for 7 years and since I was living far away from home, I was highly independent and lived my life without looking back or worrying about what people will think about me. Now about my colleagues, I am the only female working in the same post in my department. The rest are male who are atleast 2-5 years older than me. Its hard for me to enjoy or do other things if I have some pending work so I prefer completing my job and then partying. Thank god they perceive me as efficient and not competitive,,,regarding seductive. I am not so tall nor have zero size, I never flirt so I am confuse with this comment…hehe. Ex boyfriend is ex boyfriend now why should I care about him after everything is over. I don’t have the habit of dragging a situation. Once over is over and I think even he should do the same. Anyway, this is me,,,seen through other people’s eyes. And if I ask myself who am I? just one word. I am simple.


  1. I guess as far as I have known you - you are the quintessential fun-loving girl, who is not just sincere but also honest and beautiful, has a very very good sense of humor and knows how to treat friends and family in the best possible way. And btw, your BMI is approx 21 So you're very very healthy..hehe. Treat ama tonle hujik ti :)

  2. Finally..The much awaited comment is here...hehe. Thanks nanao but what is BMI..LOL