Saturday, October 29, 2011

My School Days

Memories of School Days always bring smile to one’s face it always make you search your memory lane to remember those precious moments that you have preserved in your mind.

I studied in only one school ‘Manipur Public School’ which was one of the best schools in Manipur at that time with more than 2000 students. When I came to give the written test of that school, I admired the vast campus full of kids with their parents around them. My test room was the last right side one of the primary section and as a kid I remember walking a long corridor to reach that room. My test went well except for Hindi which I found to really tough for a class 1 student.

During my primary classes i.e., Class I-V, I was a really studious kid with only one close friend. I use to sit at the right side corner of the first bench with my Best friend (her name is Laishram Priyadarshini) beside me. I never talked to boys except one who happened to be from nearby my place. I used to come always in the 4th Rank and I how I wished I could come in the 3rd Rank once. Chaobi, Ranjita and Akee always take 1st, 2nd and 3rd and I use to loathe them like anything. How stupid I was.

Things changed when I came to class VI, We were in the senior block now and the whole block was a chaos, the corridor was always crowded and girls were so shiny, clean and had beautiful hairs. I use to stare at the girls and admired them (just like a sister, I am not a Lesbian) some of the girls who were in class XI and XII looked like movie stars and all of them wore short skirts. Jennifer who was in class XII was like a goddess to me, she used to walk the corridor like she was walking a ramp. I admired everything about her, her hair, her complexion, her skirts and the way she walk. At home I use to look in the mirror and imitate her and I will say she did change me from a boring bespectacled bookworm to the real me. I got a proposal from a guy in my class when I was in class VI and you won’t believe how much I shivered that day. I wanted to keep it a secret but the next day I found out the whole class was talking about us. After few months he proposed my best friend and I wondered what the hell was all that. All these things changed me, I no longer had interest in books or visiting libraries, I started wearing make ups and sometime bunking classes too. My best friend wasn’t my best friend anymore. I had new friends who never study and always bunk the classes. The whole day they use to talk about girls and boys.

I never dated any guy as my parents were really strict but I found my first love in that very school. We were and in class IX and one day I saw him sitting in a corner bench all alone. He was definitely a new student. I never intended to love him in the beginning I just pitied him. The next instant I remember we were talking as we were friends for the last so many years, He was from Sainik School and I guess he was expelled because of some fights from there. It was hard to believe coz he looked so innocent. We became good friends and I use to give his letters to girls. He proposed so many girls, some of them accepted (he was really handsome and tall) but he was never too interested in any of them that it lasted 1 month. One day, I came to know he love me. I was confused, I never wanted to hurt him but I had no intention to date him too. I knew I was just another girl for him. I never confessed that I loved him too but I avoided him. He called me at home but I never picked up and one day he came to visit me at my tuition centre. We talked for a while but I knew it wasn’t possible for us to be together, we were so different.

We gave our class X exam, and I was the only one who passed in my group, more than 60% students flunked. When I came to class XI everyone was a stranger. I made new friends and my school life revolved around tuitions, classes, news paper readings for assemblies and having khichri and aloo chop in the canteen.

I missed my schooldays and I am what I am all because of that school.


  1. nice post sister. Didn't know gals are frightened when guys proposed to them. Lol. Aduga yaam ngaosinnabaga saaradana duh.!! Keep writing.

  2. Hehe,,That was the 1st proposal of my life :)