Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Look at her. What do you see?..a satisfied face? a symbol of adequacy? an apple of everyone’s eye?

Her face is adorned with her smile but her smile is a silent shroud, and like any other shroud, there is death beneath it.

She bloomed like a flower once when the sun was on her side..But, one day that same sun burned her to the root, turning her in to a lifeless form.

Hope came in the form of rain and she resurrected into a beautiful flower, like in her younger days.

She searched every nook and corner to find the only thing that gave her life back.

But, this fool never knew,,her days are gone and so was her beauty.

She was meaningless to even the dust beneath her sole and foolishly she longed for the rain from the sky.

Her new life was not a reward but a curse. She had no choice but to embrace this curse,

and wear this "Smile".

"I'll try not to smile a special smile when you say hello"

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