Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Why can’t people see the beauty inside a man’s heart? Why do people always go for outward appearance, how much bucks the person make or how powerful his family is?

He was perfect from outside and everyone admired him, liked him. He was too sweet, funny, rich, powerful, talented, witty, ravishing. In short, he was the kind of guy every girl asked for and prayed for. But in his heart he was a devil with an intention to savour any possible woman he come across. I trusted him and admired him like others but when I came to know the truth I dumped him even though I was left broken hearted. Now, I want to move on and I want to live a peaceful life free from all the agonies, heartache. I don’t want to make the same mistake again or worry what people will think, I just want to make the right decision.

But Why?? Why do they don’t understand? Why are they trying to drag me into the same earlier situation again? I have learned my lesson and now my eyes are wide open but why aren’t theirs. Why are they still blind with materials and money and power? I don’t want to agree with them, I don’t want to agree with anyone…. I Just want to do what I think is right. Fame is not what I want, money is not what I want, power is not what I want. I just want a truthful lover, a beautiful heart, a hand I can hold when I am scared, a shoulder I can lean on and cry when I am sad, a face which will make me forget all my problems and a heart I can proudly say it is mine….:(


  1. I believe there will be still plenty of occasions when the line of your fate shall cross many a people's. You'll be more than happy once again when the perfect guy meets you and make you feel like a princess. All I'm wishing is - let that happen asap so that mangaani chaakouba do chaak katpa laaklani dana.:D

  2. Ahmmm...So thats why u were telling me to get married...Luhongba baton tourakaga,,mangaanii chakoubado tourakaroigeyko...haha.